Our Beers

Silverking Strike ABV 5.5%

The Silverking Strike is our flagship beer now appearing in over 50 plus restaurants and bars in the Bay area. This Golden Blonde Ale is clear, refreshing and crisp with our very own hand shredded lemon zest. We also add a special spice to help it’s smoothness. We jokingly call this the “Gateway” craft beer as we have converted “Light” beer drinkers to this beer every weekend. Great on the boat or on a hot summer day.

Anclote Tailing Red ABV 5.2%

Our definition of this beer is quite simple, it’s a dark red ale with a smoky roasted flavor. It looks real dark but ad light to it and it is a true red. Very smooth and enjoyed on a cold rainy day. The carbonation is perfect and this craft beer is great with a steak or a hamburger. Best enjoyed when it rests to 50 degrees. When we sip on this beer it made us think of the redfish cruising the flats on Anclote Key in the shadows of the lighthouse here in Tarpon Springs.

Marshall Jones IPA ABV 5.8%

Ruben T. Jones was Tarpon Spring’s Marshall and the man behind the golden badge. He patrolled the streets of Tarpon Springs in the early 1900’s. He was also here booking town criminals in our old 1912 jail. The only picture of him to this day is Ruben Jones with a 6’4” Tarpon, AKA Silverking. This IPA is gold in color, like his badge, and the bitterness is balanced perfectly to enjoy sip after sip. It’s bitterness is present but not over the top. We salute you Marshall Jones. Come see his picture in the old jail tasting room.

Bonefish Amber Ale ABV 5.9%

The Bonefish Amber is very tasty. A bit of citrus flavor versus other ambers that are more toasted biscuit. The color is very clear and perfectly carbonated. Centennial and East Kent Goldings for hops makes this craft beer very pleasing and an easy drinker. The Amber has been out selling the others and soon will be introduced to the bars and restaurants around town. We called this the Bonefish Amber simply because this beer belongs in the Florida Keys where the bonefish, the greatest fish to catch on a fly rod lives.

Three Rooker Stout

Stout fans love our Three Rooker Stout, named after one of favorite Islands here on the Gulf Coast for sunning and good fishing. This Stout is a chocolate flavored stout, dark, foamy and smooth to the palette.

Blowfish Betty

Betty is our gal! This is a pale ale light on the hops. Crisp clear and easy drinking. We hand zest a bucket of grapefruit and hang a big bag of it in the fermenter for 14 days giving this beer a slight grapefruit flavor. People who don’t even like grapefruit love this beer! This beer will eventually hit the restaurants and waterside bars because Blowfish Betty is a house big seller.

Caladessi Sunburn

The Caladessi Sunburn is appropriately name for a Summer Ale. We all spend many summer days sunning of Caladessi Island and often we end up sun burnt. This clear summer ale is another easy drinking beer perfect after mowing the lawn for soaking at the beach. Smooth and tasy with no bitter end.

Station 69 Dark Red Ale

Neatly named after Tarpon Springs Fire Station 69 that once occupied our brew house and moved down the street. We are honoring the men with this dark red ale. It’s a malty ale and medium on the hops. Hops are Columbus, Centennial and East Kent Goldings. This beer will be in our tasting room only and should be ready by May 13th, 2017 just in time for our 2nd Anniversary Party.