Does McDonald Have Salads? Here’s What You Need To Know

“While the iconic golden arches may call to mind images of burgers, fries and shakes, many people may be surprised to learn that McDonald’s offers a variety of salad options on their menu as well. With an increased focus on healthier eating choices and customization to suit diverse diets and lifestyles, McDonald’s has expanded their offerings beyond traditional hamburgers and sides to include salads, wraps and yogurt parfaits. In this post, I will take an in-depth look at the salad options available at McDonald’s restaurants across various regions and countries to help answer the question – Does McDonald have salads? We’ll examine the ingredients, nutritionals, and varieties of salads in their lineup to provide a thorough overview of this often overlooked aspect of their evolving global menu.”

History Of McDonald’s

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Originally a barbecue restaurant, they eventually shifted their focus to burgers and fries after streamlining their menu and process.

In 1955, Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent and went on to purchase the rights to McDonald’s from the brothers. Under his leadership, McDonald’s expanded rapidly with its famous golden arches becoming a ubiquitous symbol of fast food around the world.

Today, McDonald’s operates in over 100 countries and serves millions of customers daily, making it one of the largest and most recognizable fast-food chains in the world.

Does Mcdonald Have Salads?

Does McDonald have salads? Yes, McDonald’s offers a variety of salads on their menu, catering to customers looking for healthier meal options. This move was in response to the growing demand for healthier choices and customization from customers.

McDonald’s has a range of salads available globally. Over the years, the chain has continued to evolve and introduce new salad options to cater to changing consumer preferences and dietary restrictions.

What Do McDonald’s Salads Taste Like?

The salads are basically just veggies. Not gonna lie, the chicken can be a bit salty. But here’s the real kicker – the dressings are all about that salt and oil. But hey, if you go easy on the dressing, you’ll be just fine. No need to stress.

How Long Has McDonald’s Been Making Salads?

It was way back in 1987 when they decided to add salads to their menus all across the U.S. This was a strategic move to bring in more female customers, who were seen as the primary decision-makers when it came to healthy eating choices within families. McDonald’s introduced its first salad, the “Garden Salad,” which consisted of mixed greens, cucumber slices, and tomato wedges.

Over the years, McDonald’s has expanded its salad menu globally, catering to diverse palates and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some of the salad options available at McDonald’s.

How Long Has McDonald's Been Making Salads?
How Long Has McDonald’s Been Making Salads?

McDonald’s Wraps & Salads Menu

McDonald’s Wraps & Salads Menu
Items Calories Price
Crispy Chicken & Bacon Salad 320 £4.09
Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad Meal 321 £4.99
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad Meal 165 £4.99
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad 164 £4.09
Crispy Chicken Salad Meal 275 £4.59
Crispy Chicken Salad 274 £3.79
Grilled Chicken Salad Meal 119 £4.59
Side Salad 18 £18

Best Mcdonald’s Salads

Now know does McDonald have salads, let’s take a look at some of the best salads offered on their menu.

Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad

This salad is a fan favorite, and for a good reason. It features crispy chicken strips coated in a flavorful seasoning mix on top of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese, and bacon pieces. It also comes with your choice of dressing, but it’s recommended to go light on the dressing or opt for a lighter option like balsamic vinaigrette.

Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad

Another popular salad option at McDonald’s, this one features grilled chicken instead of crispy and also includes the same toppings as the previous salad. The grilled chicken adds a healthier protein option to the mix while still satisfying that bacon craving.

Grilled Chicken Salad

For those looking for a lighter option, the grilled chicken salad features strips of grilled chicken on top of mixed greens, cucumber slices, and cherry tomatoes. It also comes in at just under 300 calories without dressing.

Crispy Chicken Salad

Similar to the grilled chicken salad, this option features crispy chicken strips as the protein source. It’s topped with mixed greens, cucumber slices, and cherry tomatoes and comes in at around 380 calories without dressing.

How To Order Salads At McDonald’s?

Ordering a salad at McDonald’s is as easy as ever. Here are some ways to order one of their salads:

How To Order Salads At McDonald's?
How To Order Salads At McDonald’s?

Drop By and Order

Simply walk into any McDonald’s location and head to the counter. Let the staff know which salad option you would like, and they will prepare it for you fresh.

Online Ordering

For added convenience, you can also order your McDonald’s salad online through their website or app. This allows for a contactless and faster way to get your salad fix.

Delivery Services

Some McDonald’s locations offer delivery services through popular food delivery apps like UberEats Just Eat, and Deliveroo. This is a great option for those who can’t make it to a physical location or prefer the convenience of having their salad delivered straight to their doorstep.

Delivery Methods

Get your McDonald’s favorites faster than ever. We’ve got all the delivery options you need:

  • In-store: Yep, you can grab your meal inside our restaurant.
  • Drive Thru: Whiz through in your car and get your food on the go.
  • Home Delivery: Sit back and relax, we’ll bring your order right to your door.
  • Curbside Pickup: Available at select locations, just pull up and we’ll bring your food out to you.

Payment Options

Did you know you can pay for your McDonald’s orders with just about any major credit card? That’s right, even Apple Pay works. Here are some of the options you have: Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and of course, Apple Pay. So go ahead and enjoy your meal without worrying about how to pay for it.

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  1. McDonald’s hasn’t served a single salad in almost nine months, and it’s part of a strategy helping the chain cash in during the pandemic — Few customers seem bothered by the loss of salads, and the simplified menu has helped McDonald’s speed up service.

  2. Is McDonald’s suppose to give you a side salad instead of fries if you request it? Or did they stop providing this option?

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