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Are you hosting an event and wondering how many pizzas for 60 people? Whether it’s a birthday party, a football watching get-together, or any other special occasion, getting the right amount of pizza is key. Too few slices won’t satisfy your guests; too many will leave more than leftovers. We’ll discuss the best way to figure out how much pizza you need in order to ensure everyone leaves with full tummies—and without wasting money on uneaten food.

Overview Of Pizza Sizes

When ordering pizza for a large group, it’s important to first understand the different sizes of pizzas available. The most common pizza sizes are small (8-10 inches), medium (12 inches), large (14 inches), and extra-large (16 inches). Some pizzerias also offer jumbo or party size pizzas, which can range from 18-24 inches.

How Many Pizzas For 60 People?

Now that we know the basic pizza sizes, let’s answer the question at hand: how many pizzas do you need for 60 people? The answer is 24 pizzas for 60 people.

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How To Calculate The Right Amount Of Pizza For 60 People?

To calculate the ideal quantity of pizza for 60 people, follow this guideline:

60 people = 24 pizzas

If you require assistance in diversifying your menu for future gatherings, we recommend exploring our catering and private dining options.

How To Calculate The Right Amount Of Pizza For 60 People?

Tips To Consider Before Ordering Pizzas For A Crowd

Before ordering pizzas for a crowd, consider the following tips:

  • Calculate the quantity: The recommended method for determining the number of pizzas to order is by following the 3/8 rule. Generally, each guest consumes approximately three pizza slices, and a typical large pizza serves around eight slices. Remember to round up to the nearest whole number and adjust the quantity based on your party’s specific requirements.
  • Account for dietary preferences: Take into account any dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests. It’s essential to have a variety of pizza toppings available to accommodate different tastes.
  • Plan for leftovers: If you don’t mind having leftovers, it’s advisable to order a few extra pizzas to ensure everyone is adequately fed. This can also account for unexpected guests or individuals with bigger appetites.

By considering these tips, you can ensure that your pizza order satisfies the needs of your crowd and creates a delicious, enjoyable experience for everyone.

Tips To Consider Before Ordering Pizzas For A Crowd

What Are Some Good Options For Ordering For 60 People?

  • Family-style pasta: Pasta is a great option for catering large groups on a budget. Include meat-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free options. Offer both tomato-based and cream-based sauces, and serve with a fresh salad on the side.
  • Build-your-own tacos: Accommodate diverse tastes and dietary restrictions with a taco bar. Provide rice, beans, ground beef, and assorted toppings. Include lettuce, flour and corn tortillas for salad, burrito, or gluten-free taco options.
  • Appetizer selection: Consider serving an assortment of appetizers instead of a full dinner. Encourage mingling with a variety of foods, including a few sweet treats. Opt for a buffet to save on serving staff.
  • Sandwich platters: For a casual daytime event, sandwich platters are a reliable choice. Include a variety of fillings, including vegan and gluten-free options. Label the ingredients clearly. Serve with a side salad and cookies.
  • Soup and salad: A combination of soup and salad is filling but not heavy. In winter, offer heartier soups with meat or beans. Create flavorful salads with nuts, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Charcuterie and cheese boards: Charcuterie and cheese boards provide an upscale feel without breaking the budget. Present eye-catching boards with colorful fruits, crackers, crudites, and dips. Individual charcuterie cones can be a slightly more expensive alternative.
What Are Some Good Options For Ordering For 60 People?

FAQ: Pizzas For People

How many pizzas will feed 100 people?

To comfortably feed 100 attendees, you would need to order 38 pies (calculated as 100 x 3/8 = 37.5). It is advised to round up to ensure sufficient pizza. This calculation assumes that the average person consumes three slices, with each pie divided into eight slices.

Is 10 pizzas enough for 30 people?

If each person gets 4 slices, you would need 120 slices, which is equivalent to 10 pizzas. Considering there are 30 people, 10 pizzas may not be sufficient.

How many Costco pizzas do I need for 50 people?

To feed 50 individuals, considering each person consumes 2 slices, you would require at least 13 Costco pizzas. It is advisable to consult Costco for more accurate information that takes into account the expected number of slices per person.

How many pizzas do I need for 70 people?

To calculate the number of pizzas needed for 70 people, multiply the number of guests by 3 (the average number of slices each person eats), and then divide the result by 8 (the average number of slices on a large pizza).

How many people will 10 large pizzas feed?

10 large pizzas can feed approximately 28 people.

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  1. From experience. I had a party with 25 teenage boys and 15 adults that could eat. I ordered 15, and we had almost 5 whole pies left. I think 10 is a safe reasonable number. 8 if there’s lots of little kids and make sure they 12 cut. Little kids barely eat a few bites, then run off to play anyway.

  2. You can also have the pizzas cut into 12 slices instead of 8. This will stretch the portions. I have given my high school students year end parties. 50-80 students. About 12 pizzas. They ate until they were gone and that was it.

  3. I’d say about 1 pizza for every 3 people. So at least 13 pizzas. Go with 15 to be safe.

  4. Too much, unless each of your 40 people eats 2 NY size slices. These are 18-inch pizzas. We recently had a gathering with probably 45 people, and we only got through eight pizzas. Many were kids, but still, it’s a lot of food

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