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Are you looking to have your next social get-together, party, or event be an extra special one? The answer might just be in buying a keg of Bud Light beer for your guests. Kegs are a great way to provide large amounts of drinks without taking up too much shelf space. But how much is a keg of bud light going to cost and what will you need in order to buy it? In this blog post we’ll cover the essentials: prices, sizes, and purchasing information that can help make sure that you get exactly what’s right for any type of gathering. So grab yourself a cold one (or two) and read on – let’s explore all things kegs.

Keg Sizes and Bud Light Pricing

Bud Light kegs come in different sizes to accommodate events of various scales. The three most common keg sizes are:

Full Keg
Size 1/2 Barrel (15.5 Gallons)
Price Range $85 to $115
Servings 165 twelve ounce servings
Quarter Keg
Size 1/4 Barrel (7.75 Gallons)
Price Range $50 to $70
Servings 82 twelve ounce beers
Sixth Keg
Size 1/6 Barrel (5.17 Gallons)
Price Range $40 to $55
Servings 55 twelve ounce servings

Here are some specific notes for each type of keg:

  • Full keg: Full keg is the best choice for large parties or other events that require a lot of beer. However, full kegs can be quite bulky and difficult to transport.
  • Quarter keg: Quarter keg is a better choice for small parties or groups of friends. Quarter keg is also easier to transport than full keg.
  • Sixth keg: Sixth keg is the best choice for individual parties or small groups. The sixth keg is also very easy to transport.

There are also some notes when buying Bud Light beer kegs:

  • Prices may vary by region and supplier. Prices in the table above are for reference only.
  • Taxes and shipping charges may apply. Ask your supplier about these fees before purchasing.
  • You may need to rent a tapper to serve beer from the keg. Tapper rental prices usually range from $10 to $20.
  • Keg beer can expire after a while. Be sure to check the expiration date on the keg before purchasing.

Comparison with Other Beer Brands (1/2 Barrels)

For comparison, here are the average prices for some other popular beer options in a full keg size:

  • Michelob Ultra – $90 to $120
  • Busch Light – $80 to $105
  • Yuengling Lager – $90 to $115
  • Yuengling Light Lager – $90 to $120
  • Stella Artois – $115 to $145

So Bud Light falls right in the middle price-wise. Craft beers and imports will generally be more expensive.

Keg Yield

Keg Yield

Figuring out how much beer is in a keg allows you to estimate the number of people it will serve. Here is the yield of each keg size:

  • Full Keg: 165 twelve oz. servings
  • Quarter Keg: 82 twelve oz. servings
  • Sixth Keg: 55 twelve oz. servings

Another way to look at it is by pints, with 16 oz. as the common pint glass size. Each keg holds:

  • Full: 124 pints
  • Quarter: 62 pints
  • Sixth: 41 pints

So if you’re expecting 82 people, get a quarter keg. For a big backyard party with 150 guests, go with a full keg or maybe two sixths.

Cost Breakdown

The total price on a keg includes two main components:

  • Tax – Sales tax is applied at the time of purchase. The rate varies by state and locality. In my area it’s around 8%.
  • Deposit – This is a refundable deposit paid on the keg shell itself, which you get back when you return the empty keg. Deposits range from $30-$60 per keg.

So on a $100 keg purchase for example, maybe $8 is tax and $30 is the keg deposit. Make sure to return your keg to get that deposit money back.

Purchase Locations and Availability

Purchase Locations and Availability

Where can you actually buy kegs of Bud Light? Here are some options:

  • Beer Distributors – Liquor stores that specialize in beer usually stock various keg sizes of Bud Light ready to go. Party supply rental companies also frequently sell kegs.
  • Grocery Stores – Many bigger grocery store chains like Kroger, Safeway, etc. have kegs available either in-stock or through special order.
  • Convenience Stores – Some convenience stores like Sheetz, Wawa, Buc-ee’s, etc. pump beer from kegs to fill growlers. Ask if they have Bud Light kegs in the back that they can tap.
  • Restaurants & Bars – If you have a friendly relationship with a local bar, see if their distributor can add a keg to their order for you. Expect to pay a little over retail.
  • Online – A few websites like let you order kegs online and ship them to certain areas. Check if Bud Light kegs can be shipped to your address.

Picking up on a weekday morning is best – weekends tend to be hectic. Call ahead to confirm availability and reserve the size you need.

Legal Considerations

There are a few legal aspects to keep in mind when buying and serving kegs:

  • You must be 21 or over to purchase and handle kegs. Be prepared to show your ID.
  • Some states require a temporary permit to serve beer from kegs at private events. Check your local liquor laws.
  • It is illegal to serve alcohol to underage drinkers. Always verify guests are of legal age.
  • Causing public drunkenness or disturbing neighbors could get you fined for violating public consumption laws.
  • Practice responsible hospitality by providing non-alcoholic drinks, stopping service before people become dangerously intoxicated, and arranging sober transportation.

Storage and Care

To keep the beer fresh and tasty:

  • Store unopened kegs cold – between 38°F and 42°F is ideal. Use a refrigerator, cooler, or chilled container.
  • Once tapped, keep the keg cold using jockey boxes, chilled taps, or iced bins. Avoid temperature fluctuations.
  • Keep the area around the keg tub clean – dried beer droplets can contaminate the pouring nozzle.
  • Rinse serving lines between kegs or types of beer. Mixing residues can ruin head formation and flavor.
  • Maintain proper gas pressure. Carbon dioxide systems should stay around 12 PSI. Too much pressure over-carbonates the beer.
  • Use up within 2-3 weeks and don’t let beer sit stagnant in lines between servings. Old beer gets off tastes.
  • Return any unused beer in the keg when returning your rental to get the most deposit money back.

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Kegs are the most eco-friendly way to serve beer. Reusable kegs eliminate packaging waste compared to cans or bottles.

  • American keg shells now use recycled stainless steel and are 100% recyclable.
  • New one-way disposable kegs, though convenient, have more environmental impact. Consider standard reusable kegs.
  • Some craft breweries like Sierra Nevada now use recyclable PET plastic kegs to reduce weight for transportation.

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  1. Don’t be surprised if you drink it faster. I drink more off mine with the convenience and taste of a keg.

  2. You can also buy the smaller kegs. The full size kegs are 1/2 bbl for a little over 15 gallons. I believe they also sell BL in the 1/4 bbl kegs (wide only) which are a bit short of 8 gallons. That’s still over 60 pint glasses.

  3. I buy Miller Lite kegs. It takes me 2 months to drink it myself. Stays fresh the whole time. I’m sure Bud Light will stay fresh for at least 2 months.

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