How Many Pizzas For 30 People? The Best Guide And Tips

When it comes to planning for a large gathering with 30 people, you may find yourself wondering just how many pizzas should be ordered. This can be an overwhelming task – after all, the last thing you want is to run out of pizza or purchase too much food. Fear not – this blog post will provide helpful tips and tricks on exactly how many pizzas for 30 people so that hosting your event is stress-free! Read on to learn more about what factors need to be considered when determining how many pizzas should be ordered and get expert advice on creating a delicious menu for your guest list.

Origin Of Pizza

The origin of pizza dates back thousands of years, with its roots tracing back to ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who enjoyed flatbreads with various toppings. However, modern pizza as we know it today, with tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings, originated in the city of Naples along the western coast of Italy.

Origin Of Pizza

Which Pizza Size Is The Best Value?

Determining the optimal pizza size in terms of value requires careful consideration. Although a 16-inch pizza is four times larger than an 8-inch pizza, the price difference between the two is considerably less than four times. Thus, choosing the large pizza invariably proves to be more cost-effective, as it offers a lower price per square inch.

How Many Pizzas For 30 People?

To determine the number of pizzas needed for a group of 30 people, we use the following formula: 2.5 slices per person divided by 8 slices per large pizza. Example calculation: 30 people x 2.5 slices of pizza each = 75 slices. Then, divide the total number of slices (75) by the number of slices in a large pizza (8). The result is approximately 10 large pizzas for 30 people.

How Many Pizzas For 30 People?

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Factors You Should Consider While Ordering Pizza

When ordering pizza, there are several factors you should consider. First and foremost, take into account the number of people you need to feed. Next, carefully decide on the type of pizzas you want to order, paying special attention to the number of slices each pizza has. Lastly, consider the preferences and dietary restrictions of the individuals you are feeding.

How Many Pizzas Should You Order: Formula To Calculate?

To determine the number of pizzas needed for your event, you can use the following formula:

(Number of guests * Average slices per person) / Slices per pizza

Using the 3/8 rule as an example:

  • For five people, you would need (5 * 3) / 8 = 1.88, so you should order two pizzas.
  • For ten people, you would need (10 * 3) / 8 = 3.75, so you should order four pizzas.
  • For fifteen people, you would need (15 * 3) / 8 = 5.63, so you should order six pizzas.
  • For twenty people, you would need (20 * 3) / 8 = 7.5, so you should order eight pizzas.
  • For twenty-five people, you would need (25 * 3) / 8 = 9.38, so you should order ten pizzas.

Remember that the pizza sizes you choose will also affect the number of pizzas needed.

How Many Pizzas Should You Order Depending On Pizza Sizes?

To determine the number of pizzas to order based on pizza sizes, follow this guideline:

  • Multiply the number of guests you’ll be serving by three slices per adult or two slices per child.
    Divide this number by the number of slices you can expect to get from the desired pizza size.

For example, let’s consider a medium pizza size (eight slices) as an example: If you’re serving five adults who will eat three slices of pizza per person, you would need to order two medium pizzas.

How Does Pizza Type Affect The Quantity You Need?

The quantity of pizza needed for 30 people can be influenced by the type of pizza chosen. For instance, deep-dish pizzas with their thicker crusts tend to be more filling, resulting in a lower number of slices needed per person compared to a traditional thin-crust pizza.

When considering the impact of pizza type, it is often overlooked that different styles of pizzas can leave individuals feeling more satiated. This means that guests may consume fewer slices if the pizza is loaded with toppings or has a thicker crust.

If opting for a less filling pizza type like thin crust, it is advisable to order a larger quantity to accommodate higher consumption. Conversely, when opting for a denser pizza type like deep-dish, a slightly smaller quantity may suffice.

Tips For Ordering Pizza

  • Order a variety of pizza flavors to cater to different tastes and dietary restrictions.
  • Keep in mind the number of vegetarians or individuals with food allergies attending your event.
  • Consider ordering a mix of traditional and specialty pizzas for added variety.
  • Don’t forget to order extra sauces, dips, and toppings for those who may want to customize their slices.
  • If you’re ordering from a new pizzeria, read reviews and ask for recommendations to ensure you are getting quality pizza.
  • Consider supporting local businesses by ordering from small, independent pizzerias instead of chain restaurants. By doing so, you can get unique and delicious pizzas while also contributing to your community’s economy.
Tips For Ordering Pizza

How Do You Keep Your Pizzas Fresh When Hosting?

To ensure your pizzas stay fresh when hosting, follow these steps:

  • Use a spacious microwave-safe dish for your pizza.
  • Place the pizza slices on the dish.
  • Prepare a ceramic mug or bowl and fill it with 2/3 water.
  • Put the bowl inside the microwave and position the dish with the pizza on top of the bowl. The water will evaporate and prevent the crust from becoming chewy.
  • Set your microwave to half power and heat the pizza in 1-minute intervals. This method allows you to control the cooking temperature effectively.

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  1. Depends on the kids age. If they’re 13 or older each one can eat an entire pizza.

  2. Depends . Any other items on the menu? I’d say around 35 large pizzas total for everyone. Although 25 pizzas and a bulk serving of French fries (cheap and filling). That’d take some pressure off the pizzas.

  3. Yeah. Chips, veggies, dips, meatballs in sauce and rolls. I think 15 might be the magic number. The fries idea isn’t a bad one.

  4. I’d just add, go for a lower ball answer (18-20 large Pizzas) but also order 6 garlic bread/cheese garlic breads or equivalent. They can be saved for later if people aren’t too hungry or used as needed.

    Also Alcohol will increase not decrease the amount of pizza wanted, it increases your appetite not reduces it.

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