What Is Taro Milk Tea? | A Guide To This Popular Beverage

Taro milk tea is an increasingly popular type of bubble tea that offers the perfect combination of flavor and refreshment. It is a unique twist on the classic bubble tea recipe, with taro root powder used to sweeten and intensify its flavor. If you’re looking for a delicious drink full of natural sweetness, then taro milk tea might be just what you need. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the origins of taro milk tea, explore its health benefits (or lack thereof), and provide some tips for making it at home. So if you’ve been wondering “what is taro milk tea?” – keep reading to learn more about this tantalizing beverage.

What Is Taro Milk Tea?

Taro milk tea is a delightful beverage made by combining taro powder, green tea, milk creamer, and tapioca pearls. Taro, a plant native to Asia and commonly found in tropical regions, has roots with a texture similar to sweet potato and a nearly neutral taste. One distinguishing feature of taro milk tea is its beautiful light purple color.

What Is Taro Milk Tea?

What Is Taro Milk Tea Made From?

Taro Milk Tea is crafted from a blend of ground taro root, jasmine tea, milk, sugar, and tapioca pearls.

How Is Taro Milk Tea Made?

Taro milk tea is typically made by first brewing a cup of jasmine green tea, then adding in taro powder and creamer to achieve the desired sweetness and creaminess. The mixture is often shaken or blended together before pouring over cooked tapioca pearls and ice. Some variations may also include toppings such as honey boba or grass jelly.

What Does Taro Milk Tea Taste Like?

Taro milk tea offers a delightful blend of sweet and nutty flavors, complemented by a smooth and creamy vanilla finish. Some have even reported hints of buttered popcorn. Prepared with freshly ground paste, Taro Bubble Tea delivers a unique milkshake-style texture.

What Does Taro Milk Tea Taste Like?

Does Taro Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

Taro boba tea made with plain taro milk does not contain caffeine as taro root itself is caffeine-free. However, a genuine taro milk tea made with green tea or jasmine tea does contain caffeine.

Is Taro Milk Tea Healthy?

Taro milk tea offers various health benefits. Its fiber content can help lower blood sugar levels, and the resistant starch provides the nutrients found in starch without the additional glucose. Furthermore, consuming taro milk tea can promote cardiovascular health.

How To Make Taro Milk Tea At Home?

Making taro milk tea at home is a simple and enjoyable process. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Gather the ingredients: You will need taro powder, jasmine green tea, milk creamer, tapioca pearls, and any additional toppings you desire.
  2. Brew the tea: Start by brewing a cup of jasmine green tea following the instructions on the packaging.
  3. Prepare the taro mixture: In a separate container, mix together the taro powder and milk creamer until well combined.
  4. Shake or blend: If you have a cocktail shaker or blender, add ice to your brewed tea, pour in the taro mixture, and shake or blend until well mixed. Alternatively, you can simply stir in the taro mixture with a spoon if you don’t have these tools.
  5. Cook the tapioca pearls: Follow the instructions on the tapioca pearl packaging to cook them properly.
  6. Assemble and enjoy: Once everything is ready, pour your taro milk tea over the cooked tapioca pearls and any additional toppings of your choice.

How To Enjoy Taro Milk Tea At Home?

Making taro milk tea at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can customize the ingredients to suit your taste preferences and even experiment with different flavors.

To make taro milk tea at home, you will need:

  • Taro powder or fresh taro root
  • Green or jasmine tea
  • Milk or alternative milk such as almond, coconut, or oat milk
  • Creamer or alternative sweeteners such as agave syrup, honey, or stevia
  • Tapioca pearls (or other toppings of your choice)
  • Ice

To make the tea, start by brewing a cup of jasmine green tea according to package instructions. Then mix in taro powder and creamer until well combined. You can adjust the sweetness and creaminess to your liking by adding more or less powder and creamer. Finally, add in cooked tapioca pearls and ice for a refreshing taro milk tea experience at home.

What Flavors Of Taro Milk Tea Can You Try?

Fresh taro and pre-made taro are the two different types of taro bubble tea flavors worth exploring. Fresh taro offers a light and nutty taste, while pre-made taro presents a sweet and vanilla flavor.

What Flavors Of Taro Milk Tea Can You Try?

Different Flavors Of Taro Milk Tea To Try

Taro pairs wonderfully with popular toppings such as tapioca pearls, crystal boba, coconut jelly, grass jelly, and pudding. Additionally, it complements toppings like sago, red beans, and aloe vera, creating delightful variations to savor.

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  1. Closest i can compare it to is like a floral cereal milk. Like froot loops

  2. Taro tea tastes a bit like a vanilla with a slight nuttiness. Sometimes there is a bit of a floral taste as well. It can be quite light and pleasant. But it all depends on the mix.

  3. It also depends on if the taro milk tea uses real taro or taro flavoring. Real taro (to me) tastes like a blend between yucca and sweet potato.

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